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TENEO The innovation class.

The innovative TENEO treatment center offers outstanding comfort, combined with a streamlined treatment workflow. The motor-driven sliding track delivers clear ergonomic benefits. In addition, the TENEO boasts a whole range of exciting product features such as the built-in endodontic treatment function (including ApexLocator), the massage function and the large-sized touchscreen.

Award-winning design

The harmonious design of the TENEO treatment center has received numerous awards from international juries. The dynamic, flowing lines communicate elegance and stability.


The design features are augmented by a highly original color concept.

This means that you can explore new avenues in interior design and harmoniously integrate the TENEO treatment center into your dental practice. So let yourself be inspired and select your “dream combination”.



Treatment with comfort

Ergonomically sophisticated and with intelligent automated functions, so that you feel fit and full of energy even at the end of the day. TENEO encourages healthy movement sequences and promotes comfortable working.

NEW: Patient-specific automatic headrest adjustment

Motorized headrest, adjusts itself to the automatically stored patient stature. Extremely mobile MultiMotion headrest.


The ApexLocator for endodontic treatments, which can be optionally integrated, can now be displayed directly on the monitor of the treatment center. you have the best view of the display that is always in an ergonomic position in your field of vision.

NEW: Autofocus camera SiroCam AF+

Best image quality
The SiroCam AF+ combines superior image quality with easy operation. It focuses automatically at the press of a button.



EasyTouch user interface

No unnecessary control buttons or complicated menus. The touchscreen shows only those functions that you need at any given time. The symbols are self-explanatory and dedicated keys are assigned to the functions that you use most frequently. In other words, you can navigate at a single glance without having to interrupt your accustomed treatment routines. In addition, the versatile EasyTouch user interface can be customized to your individual preferences.

NEW: The EasyMode

Thanks to the new control option, you can now choose to set the EasyMode and see all the available functions on one display.

EasyTouch Bedienoberfläche

Start-up screen – reduced to the essentials

If required, the start-up screen can be customised to only show the chair positioning functions.

EasyTouch Bedienoberfläche

Start-up screen for the fully featured version

In this case the start-up screen includes symbols for the additional built-in functions – e.g. the motor-driven headrest and the endodontic treatment and implantology functions.

The endodontic treatment and implantology functions can be controlled directly via the EasyTouch user interface. This gives you direct control over key parameters such as torque, speed, root canal depth and coolant quantity.


Endodontic program with ApexLocator

The add-on endodontic treatment function includes a graphical user interface indicating the next root canal file. You are free to concentrate on the essentials of the treatment process. The torque and speed settings are controlled directly by the treatment centre. The precise torque control system ensures optimum treatment safety.


Implantology program

This add-on function can be tailored to your familiar mode of working. You can adjust the speed, torque and quantity of sterile coolant.

22“ Monitor

Monitor 22 Zoll

A real eye-catcher:

Full HD technology, 16: 9 aspect ratio, built-in loudspeakers, connections: HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and S-Video.

Equipment options


 Options for the patient chair

MultiMotion headrest circle
Motor-driven headrestwith automatic patientspecific
headrest system (PC software required)
Standard upholstery circle
Thermo upholstery disc
Active lumbar support function disc
Massage function disc
Removable arm rest, right armrest can be
swivelled aside
Left armrest removable disc
4 way foot switch circle
Foot switch, cable version circle
Wireless foot switch disc
External device connection disc
Booster cushion for small patients disc
M1/C adapter plate, assembly without drilling disc

circle Included in the basic unit or package.


More than ergonomics

The new Ergonomics circle stands for the all-round vision of Sirona with regard to ergonomics and workflow in the life of the practice. The circular shape also signifies that Sirona’s Ergonomics Program is constantly evolving.

1. Intuitive sitting position

More freedom of movement.

Motor-driven sliding track

Programmable and operated via the foot control. This enables you to move the dentist element to the correct position without effort.

Innovative wireless foot control

For hands-free operation and free positioning with no cable clutter, allowing unrestricted movement sequences.


Optimized access

Perfect coordination and variable positioning of dentist and assistant elements, dentist element and tray independently adjustable

dentist and assistant elements

dentist and assistant elements

The dentist and assistant elements put everything within your immediate working radius. This applies equally if you work alone or together with an assistant. What’s more, your patient has ample room to enter and exit the chair.

Smart work stools

The smart working stool HUGO and CARL ensures you to adopt correct posture intuitively.

2. Comfortable patient positioning

Perfect adjustment of the treatment center

Flexible height adjustment, optimum working height through vertical mouth alignment, patient-specific automatic headrest adjustment


Ideal support for the spine

ErgoMotion, OrthoMotion, lumbar support function

Lumbar support function

The backrest can be individually adjusted to the shape of each patient’s back.

High patient comfort

High patient comfort

Patients are optimally positioned, thanks to the anatomical shape of the chair upholstery. To cater for individual anatomical factors the lumbar support can be adjusted to each patient.

The special thermo upholstery prevents the build-up of heat in the area of the seat cushion and backrest. This creates a pleasant cooling effect and – in combination with the massage function – ensures that the patient remains relaxed, even during prolonged treatment sessions.

Reclining comfort for everyone

Anatomically shaped patient chair, unique height adjustment drive, adjustable height from 370 to 820 mm enables easier access


Reduces build-up of heat in the seat cushion and backrest area, relaxes the patient with soothing cooling effect

Massage function

The massage function in the backrest serves as an additional aid to relaxation during prolonged treatments.

3. Optimum visibility 

Ideal illumination

LEDview, LED instrument light

Together with the LED instrument light ensures optimum illumination of the entire treatment site.

LEDview Video

Flexible headrests

Motor-driven headrest, MultiMotion

Flexible headrests

Patient-specific automatic headrest adjustment

The motor-driven headrest offers excellent access to the treatment site. The easy-to-use MultiMotion headrest can be inclined, tilted and rotated in all directions.


Autofocus camera SiroCam AF+

4. Integrated workflow

Intuitive operation

EasyTouch user interface with configurable operating concept

Integrated table instrument functions

Implantology, endodontic treatments with ApexLocator display on SIVISION monitor

Modern equipment

Innovative instruments, advanced patient communication system, USB and ethernet interface

Perfect results

  • Clinically perfect
  • Esthetically perfect
  • Perfect for the success of your practice

Easier workflow, perfect results – with this goal, Sirona continuously develops its ergonomics program.



Efficient hygiene procedures

The TENEO treatment center fulfills the highest hygiene standards – as evidenced in the smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, the easily removable functional components and the built-in sanitization adapters. Everything is geared to maximum infection control – with a minimum input of time and effort.


Built-in sanitization adapters

Built-in sanitization adapters

The built-in adapters simplify the sanitization process. In addition to the standard hygiene procedures, the hoses can be purged with water at the touch of a button during the treatment process. Chemical rinsing agents* can also be deployed (optional).

Cleaning of the suction hoses

Cleaning of the suction hoses

Chemical rinsing agents* can also be deployed

Chemical rinsing agents* can also be deployed

Removable cuspidor 

Removable cuspidor 

Removable handles and components on the dentist’s and assistant’s elements

Removable handles and components on the dentist’s and assistant’s elements

* The relevant chemicals are listed in Sirona’s list of approved cleaning and disinfection products.

NEW! Hygiene is now also available as an iBook content


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