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The very best in user-friendly sterilization from Euronda



E10 is the latest Euronda Class B autoclave. A more powerful vacuum pump and an optimized drying cycle make E10 the best performing Euronda sterilizer ever. Moreover, it has lower water and energy consumption than any other autoclave offering comparable performance levels (2350 W, 300 ml). E10 features cutting edge technology like the E-Touch display which has an extremely user-friendly interface; it is possible to select 5 different B cycles and many other custom cycles (N and S type). The E-light changes colour as it moves through  the different stages of the sterilization cycle and the innovative E -Timer lets you set tests and cycles to start at whatever time you like. The E10 features a new comprehensive and expandable traceability system. All data can be saved on an SD card and transferred to a computer with the Ethernet and  Wi-Fi connections included. The E-Data system can connect one or more autoclaves to your management software for even more effective tracing of all cycles. In addition, E10 has 3 different types of printers available. The E10 features systems that maintain consistently optimum quality levels and guarantees peak sterilization performance at all times: Inspection® System, Dirt Control System, built-in conductivity meter and air-water separator.









    Medical Device Class IIB. The Class B Autoclave fully conform to EN13060

   standard requirements. Moulded chamber in stainless steel and certified to

   PED 97/23/EC



Performance           Traceability

The top Euronda sterilization system

is efficient, it guarantees excellent drying

and it is eco-friendly.


The standard connectivity solutions and

the print set options offer comprehensive,

expandable traceability.

  Innovation     Design

The new E-Touch, E-Light, E-Timer, E-Help

and E-Backup systems put technology at

people's service.



E10's sophisticated, contemporary design

brings aesthetic to a new stage.


Ergonomics   Safety

Increasingly user-friendly, with total harmony

between the operator, the device and the 

working evironment.



New system guarantee exceptional

sterilization quality at all times, from installation

 to maintenance.



A new dimension in aesthetic appeal

As well as adding visual appeal and helping to highlight the handle, the extremely useful, LED-based E-Light “luminous progress bar” in the handle compartment changes colour as it moves through the different stages of the sterilization cycle, providing you with valuable information at a glance.



Green light

End cycle, load sterile


Yellow light

End cycle, load wet for prompt use


Red light

Load not sterile



Main Technical Data
  Chamber capacity
   24 L
  Weight    50.5 Kg.
  External dimensions (wxhxd)

   460 x 455 x 610 mm.

  Power consumption    2450 W 10.7 A
  Water Consumption

   300 ml.



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