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T2 LINE. Quality you can rely on.

T2 LINE is the robust straight and contra-angle handpiece series of the Comfort Class. This is where the Sirona quality and know-how come together 
providing this unique product range. With its functionality and reliability, you will be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on treating the patient.

Thanks to the ISO interface, you remain completely flexible – no matter which treatment center you are using.


T2 LINE – the comfortable solution.





Titanium at its most beautiful form.

All instruments in this range are easy to work with. Due to their pleasant grip and the titanium sleeves, 
they fit lightly and good balanced in your hand. This enables fatigue-free work and improves your preparation results.

T2Line A170L

Titanium does not just mean light weight. It also means high user convenience due to the special thermal neutrality
and skin kindness of the material.

For optimal working conditions – you can rely on top technical performance made in Germany.

Compatible and flexible with the ISO interface.

With the ISO interface, this robust series of instruments is compatible with all current micromotors and is therefore absolutely universal.





T2 LINE variants for great flexibility.

Sirona comfort instruments convince especially due to their high quality of grip and robust workmanship. The grip and shape in combination with the titanium finish provide an optimum of operating comfort when treating patients. You can rely on Sirona comfort instruments with their robust ball bearings in every situation.

T2 LINE Familie

T2 LINE straight and contra-angle handpieces for standard preparations


  T2 LINE A 200 L

For standard preparations

Ideal for cavity and crown preparations.


  T2 LINE A 40 L

For standard preparations

Ideal for crown preparations and for finishing.


  T2 LINE A 6 L

For standard preparations

Ideal excavating.


  T2 LINE AH 40 L

For standard preparations

Ideal for preparations and prosthodontics.

Technical data

Types Gear ratio/reductionSpeedHead diameter (mm)Head height (mm)EquipmentREF
T2 LINE A 200 L 1:5 up to approx. 200.000 9,7 15,2 Ø 1,6 FG 63 76 177
T2 LINE A 40 L 1:1 up to approx.40.000 9,7 13,2 Ø 2,35 WB 63 76 185
T2 LINE A 6 L 6:1 up to approx.. 6.000 9,7 13,2 Ø 2,35 WB 63 76 193
T2 LINE AH 40 L 1:1 up to approx. 40.000 -- -- Ø 2,35 HB/WB 63 76 201