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T3 TURBINES. Turbines with fixed connection.

The long-term stable materials ensure that our T3 turbines with fixed connection remain sturdy for years to come. The turbines with 4-nozzle spray is especially quiet and the high-quallity sleeve is simple and easy to clean.




T3 TURBINES – Turbines with fixed connection.

  • Your choice of Midwest 4-hole and Borden 2/3-hole connection
  • Most powerful turbine with 30 watts
  • The use of ceramic ball bearings in the ergonomic sleeve makes the instrument very durable
  • The Protective-Head-System (PHS) makes the instrument hygienically pefect
  • Hygiene: Can be sterilized and thermally disinfected







Extremely quiet: T3 turbines with 4-nozzle spray


T3 Racer - More powerful, smaller, quieter 

With up to 30 watts, the T3 Racer is by far the most powerful fixed connection turbine. This means that you can work even faster and even more efficiently.













T3 mini - Do more with mini head

With the extra small mini head options you get optimum access to the molar region and an optimal view of the preparation site. T3 mini has an impressive head size (height: 12.7 mm, diameter: 10.2 mm) to torque ratio.



Technical data

 Type   T3 Racer   T3 mini
 Power (W)   Up to 30   Up to 24
 Head diameter (mm)                        Approx. 11.9   Approx. 10.2
 Head height (mm)   Approx. 13.0   Approx. 12.7
 Weight (g)   Approx. 46   Approx. 47
 Equipment    Ø 1.6 FG   Ø 1.6 FG
 Speed (rpm)   Approx. 400,000           Approx. 410,000