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Galileos Comfort Plus


Galileos Comfort Plus




A magnificent 3D X-ray unit that is characterrized by reliable and has absolute flexibility, the simplest operation, and high resolution image quality.

The Galileos Comfort Plus is the comprehensive package to meet the highest of demands with an extremely low dose and unparalleled reliability. At the same time the optionally integrated Facescanner offers every practice extremely up-to-date patient advice.

You benfits at a glance

  • Wide range of possibilities with a 15 cm diameter volume
  • Modern patient communication with integrate Facescanner
  • Investment security based on tried and tested quality
  • Perfect workflow



3D image quality







One unit. All SICAT treatment solutions

Galileos Comfort Plus is the only unit on the market that gives you access to all SICAT treatment solutions -

whether it is integrated implantology, Sleep apnea or TMD treatmen





Integrated Implantology   SICAT Function   SICAT Air





Integratable Facescanner

While taking the X-ray image, the optionally integrated Facescanner plots the patient's facial surface.

This relistic illustration makes your treatment suggestion for patients more understandable and builds

confidence in your expertice.







Excellent and simple operation

It dose not matter how your X-ray room is set up - the swiveling and tilting EasyPad guarantees you

an intuitive unit's use thanks to the easily visible setup of the buttons and symbols.








Spherical 15 cm volume

Galileos Comfort Plus provides all the image information you need, may it be a functions diagnostic case,

a  chirurgic case or sleep apnea treatment.








MARS reconstruction software

Radiopaque objects, such as metals, cause metal artifacts. MARS software automatically recognizes and

reduces thes objects, supporting your diagnosis - without a second X-ray.











Technical properties


  Overview of performance features   Galileos Comfort Plus

  Imaging volume

  15 cm spherical imaging volume

  colimated 15 x 8.5 cm (UJ / LJ)

  3D resolution:

  Isotropic voxel size

  0.25 / 0.125 mm
  Scan time / exposure time   15 s / 2-5 s

  X-ray generator






  Effective dose (Ludlow)   20 µSv-154 µSv

  Minimum space need

  (depth x width x height)


  1,600 x 1,600 x 2,250 mm

  Door size   For setup at least 66 cm
  Weight   X-ray unit approx. 120 kg






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