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Orthophos SL 2D



Orthophos SL 2D

















For a user-friendly, optimum workflow, the Orthophos SL 2D combines revolutionary image quality with incomparable patented positioning aids.


The Orthophos SL is the latest member of the successful 2D X-ray family from Dentsply Sirona. It scores on functionality, quality and design. With its DCS sensor and SL technology, the Orthophos SL 2D unit satisfies even the greatest demands of dental practictioners regarding panoramic imaging.

In combination with the pioneering Sidexis 4 software for image processing, the Orthophos SL also offers a unique variety of innovative solutions for the practice workflow. Investment security is ensured: Orthophos SL 2D can be equipped at any time with a cephalometric arm or upgraded with a 3D sensor up to a volume of 11 cm x 10 cm.


You benfits at a glace

  • Revolutionary 2D DCS images for efficient diagnosis
  • All teeth automatic in the sharp layer
  • Automatic positioning aids optimize your practice workflow
  • When your practice grows, your Orthophos SL will be ready



The revolution in panoramic X-rays

The Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) in the Orthophos SL delivers panoramic X-ray images with an excellent image quality and with exceptional sharpness. For more certainty when making diagnoses. For even more precise and reliable treatment results. Experience groundbreaking X-ray technology thanks to DCS!



2D panoramic image  




Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS)

Unparalleled image quality with the lowest dose: The DCS in the Orthophos SL converts X-rays directly to electrical signals. This leads to less signal loss and an improved yield of image information. This results in very high definition images. Even at an extremely low dose.







Direc Conversion Sensor (DCS) -Sharp image detail






Unbeatable sharpness: Sharp Layer (SL) technology

The Sharp Layer technology produces X-ray images in which the entire jaw is shown in the sharp layer automatically, taking the patient's individual anatomical features into account. Special cases such as displaced teeth, for example, are no problem because you can define an image detail of your choice for focusing on lingual/buccal objects after scanning thanks to Interactive SL – for determining position without corrective scans.



Smart solution: Dynamic images that are adjustable to the situation

Sharp Layer (SL) technology



Sharp Layer technology


Optimum Workflow


Ceph arm

The ceph can be mounted on the left or right side of the unit and provides details,

high-contrast cephalometric images perfectly suited for orthodontic analyses and










Working digitall is this easy

Sidexis 4 - this is the core of the digital workflow with Densply Sirona

  • Modern design
  • Software platform for all Densply Sirona X-ray units
  • Intuitive operation, optimally coordinated workflows
  • Simple overview of the patient history thanks to the intuitive timeline
  • Eaasy export of DICOM data sets
  • Interface of the integrated solutions from Densply Sirona









Intuitive operation

No matter how your X-ray room is setup, the swiveling and tilting EasyPad

makes it highly flexible and the clearly arranged buttons and symbols ensure

optimum operation.










Automatic position

The occlusal bite block great simplifies patient positioning. This result in ideally

positioned X-ray images every single time.










Ambient Light

For a relaxing and modern atmosphere in your practice.







Technical properties


  Technical data   Orthophos SL 2D
  User interface   EasyPad
  Ceph arm (18 cm x 23 cm and 30 cm x 23 cm)

  Left or right

  Selectable anterior jaw shape

  Anomaly compensation   Automatic

  Retrofit options

  Ceph left / right / 3D up to 11 cm x 10 cm FoV

  X-ray generator   60–90 kV, 3–16 mA

  Panoramic exposure time

  P1 Standard 14.2 s max,

  P1 Quickshot 9.1 s max

  Radiation time Ceph 18 cm x 23 cm   9.4 s Standard / 4.7 s Quickshot 
  Patient positioning   Standing/seated

  Door width

  At least 66 cm for installation

  Weight   Approx. 110 kg
  CsI sensor   Ceph






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