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Heliodent Plus

HELIODENTPLUS. Fast, safe intraoral x-rays.


Easy-to-use HELIODENTPLUS offers you the best image quality combined with the well-known longevity of Sirona equipment.
With its support arm available in three different lengths, numerous mounting options, and the possibility of fast and easy 
changeover from film to digital radiography, HELIODENTPLUS will adapt flexibly to the realities of your dental practice.

  • Intuitive and safe operation
  • Robust quality – flexible integration

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HELIODENTPLUS x-ray images let you distinguish all the details with high contrast, and enable diagnosis with a wide variety of indications.

Caries diagnosis

Caries diagnosis

Generalized vertical and horizontal bone defects; calculus on tooth 24 distal; protruding fillings on teeth 25 and 27, extensive proximal caries on tooth 36 mesial.



distal 40/21 mm
mesio-lingual 35/21 mm
mesio-buccal 30/21 mm



Status post operationem, correct implant position


Technical specifications of the HELIODENT PLUS

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Focal spot 0.4 (IEC 336), x-ray tube voltage is adjustable between 60 kV and 70 kV
Generator type High-frequency generator for constant high voltage,
x-ray tube current: 7 mA
Line voltage 120 V – 240 V 10% without switching, 50 – 60 Hz
Exposure time Incrementally adjustable from 0.01 to 3.2 s
Detector media Freely selectable
Exposure chart Individually adjustable
Switchable between 2 detector media (e.g., film and sensor)
Display Automatic sleep mode activated after user-definable time period


Standard focus-to-skin distance 20 cm
Optional focus-to-skin distance 30 cm



Flexible integration – Intuitive working

No matter what your space constraints may be, HELIODENTPLUS fits flexibly into your surroundings. 
And it is unquestionably user friendly thanks to an intuitive user interface.

Helps you get along instead of getting in your way

With three optional support arm lengths (medium, long and extra-long), HELIODENTPLUS fits ideally in the
available working space, even directly in the treatment room.

extra-long support arm

long support arm

medium support arm

Different practices – Different installation

HELIODENTPLUS can be mounted either on the wall or on stud partitions. Additional installation options are 
provided by the HELIODENTPLUS ceiling model and the ceiling combination with the LEDview. And, if you would
like to release x-ray exposures from outside the x-ray room, simply attach the remote control or remote timer kit there.

ceiling model

ceiling combination with the LEDview

Operation made easy

The more intelligent the design of the user interface, the faster the imaging process. HELIODENTPLUSis the easiest way to perform 
routine x-ray diagnostics.


Instructions for use