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SIRO Laser



SiroLaser Advantage & Xtend

Time for laser treatment


SiroLaser Advance & SiroLaser Xtend offer a wide treatment spectrum. And that's just the start. This laser also gives you happier patients, low-pain treatment and good clinical results time after time.












  Intuitive handling
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Clear user prompts
  • Self-explanatory menu icons
  Immediate treatment
  • Pre-set programs for key applications
  • Optional help menu for each pre-set program to assist less experienced user
  Individual customization
  • 24 programmable applications
  • User profiles, each with a personal access code
  • 12 favorites*
  Versatile operation
  • Ergonomic handpiece with integrated finger switch
  • Battery-operated for greater portability
  • Wireless foot control**

*As an upgrade also for SiroLaser Xtend

**Optional only for SiroLaser Advance




All indications at a glance 


Surgery  Endodontics Periodontology Other
  Abscess   Hemostasis   Endodontic germ reduction               Periodontic germ reduction               Aphthous ulcers            
  Epulis   Implant uncovery   Pulpotomy   Peri-implantitis   Herpes
  Fibroma   Incisions / excisions       Gangrene   Sulcular debridement   Desensitization
  Fistula   Operculectomy   etc.   etc.   etc.
  Frenectomy              Gingival troughing                   






  SiroLaser Xtend    SiroLaser Advance

  Intuitive user navigation, preset therapy programs and overall flexibility. SIROLaser Xtend gets right to work. I bet that soon you couldn't imagine life without lasers in your partice!                

  Thanks to wireless battery operation, you can move between rooms all day long, without a hitch. With the included extensive equipment package and the optional foot control, SIROLaser Advance leaves nothing to be desired. 
  Preset therapy programs, help menu, 24 freely programmable application   Preset therapy programs, help menu, 24 freely programmable application          
  Access codes for 2 users    Access codes for 6 users  
  1 handpiece    2 handpieces for alternating operation  
  Available as an upgrade: Hotkeys for 12 favorites, treatment documentation, rechargeable battery for mobile use 

  Hotkeys for 12 favorites, treatment documentation                                          

    Rechargeable battery for mobile us 
    Optional: Wireless foot control for customized work 
  Power: up to 10 watts    Power: 14 watts max. 




Technical data


  Technical data

  SiroLaser Xtend                           SiroLaser Advance
  Wavelength   970 +/- 15 nm   970 +/- 15 nm
  Operation modes   Continuous wave,Chopped Mode, Peak-Plus Mode   Continuous wave,Chopped Mode, Peak-Plus Mode
  Power   5 W*   7 W
  Peak pulse   -10 W*   -14 W
  Freequency   1-1.000 Hz*   1-10.000 Hz
  Duty cycle   50% (fixed)*   Variable
  Weight   -1.0 kg (incl. handpiece)   -1.3 kg (incl. handpiece and rechargeable battery)
  Dimensions   -19.7 x 18.2 x 18.9 cm   -19.7 x 18.2 x 18.9 cm
  Scope of supply software  
  User profiles   2 x (fixed)*   6 x (variable)
  History file   *   Up to 50 x (per user)
  Favorites   *   12 x
  Scope of supply hardware  
  Optical fiber   320 μm (4 pcs.) and 200 μm (1 pcs.)   320 μm (5 pcs.) and 200 μm (5 pcs.)
  Single-use tips incl. bending tool         50 x   100 x
  Upgrade packages   Available   Not available
  Rechargeable battery   Available   Already included

*Upgrade possible




Please note the following guidelines:







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