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DAC UNIVERSAL. Hygiene at the touch of a button.

Hygiene is becoming more important, yet it should not require too much effort in your daily practice. That is why our hygiene formula is: Safe. Clean. Rapid.

DAC UNIVERSAL cleans, lubricates and sterilizes 6 instruments – fully automatic at the touch of a button for your patients' protection. It is thus more
versatile than any other instrument reprocessing unit.

DAC UNIVERSAL – The universal combination autoclave.

  • Works test included for simplified initial validation
  • Cleaning and sterilization results can be validated
  • Major time and cost savings
  • Short operating times, easy-to-use
  • Documentation possible via printer or PC software




Want to eliminate hygiene risks?
Then activate DAC UNIVERSAL!

By using DAC UNIVERSAL to protect your practice team and patients effectively from cross contamination, you are also on the safe side with legal matters.

Legal safety

By using DAC UNIVERSAL, you fulfill the best practice requirements from the Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: “Decontamination in primary care dental practices” issued by the Department of Health (2009) “for UK and other requirements of many countries”.

Conformity with standards

DAC UNIVERSAL is specially certifi ed for the decontamination of turbines, handpieces and contra angles according to the European standard EN 13060 for class S small sterilizers. The cleaning effect of the DAC UNIVERSAL is also compliant with the standard in accordance with ISO 15883:5 Annex J.


For simplified initial validation, Sirona provides a works test compiled on a reference loading basis.
The two-year maintenance
of your DAC UNIVERSAL can be implemented cost-effectively
and simultaneously with revalidation.

Process control

You can document all the program cycles either with the DAC UNIVERSAL printer or digitally. DAC UNIVERSAL gives you perfectly prepared instruments and provides you with legal certainty.


The printer records the following data:

Hygiene at the touch of a button

The touch of a button is all that is required for the special lid to close and for DAC UNIVERSAL to begin its fully automatic decontamination program. Your instruments are then cleaned, lubricated and sterilized. This is how easy it is to eliminate potential handling errors and obtain perfectly clean results.

Instrument decontamination in just one cycle

Internal cleaning with cold water

Internal cleaning with cold water

Fully automatic lubrication

Fully automatic lubrication

External cleaning with cold and hot water

External cleaning with cold
and hot water

Sterilization and drying

Sterilization and drying

Equipment options

Unwrapped instruments

Unwrapped instruments

For cleaning, care and sterilization of unwrapped handpieces, plug up to six instruments on the corresponding special adapters. Assemble your special adapters according to the instruments available in your practice.

Wrapped instruments

Wrapped instruments

Individually connect up to three wrapped instruments with a spring clip. Before they are sterilized, the instruments have to run the complete cycle for unwrapped instruments and then be wrapped.

Solid instruments

Solid instruments

Place up to five solid instruments (e.g., probes, mirrors and curettes) into the wire basket provided.

Maximum time savings and cost efficiency.

Save time and costs: Simply replace time-consuming manual cleaning with DAC UNIVERSAL and reduce your costs.

Effective time savings with the fully automatic cycle

In comparison to other automatic or manual decontamination methods, DAC UNIVERSAL clearly performs better. DAC UNIVERSAL offers you the quickest and easiest way to prepare instruments. Compare yourself:

Decontamination times of various methods
for 4-6 instruments
For semi-critical
B applications
For critical B applications,
for immediate use
16 min
Manual decontamination approx. 20 min
approx. 60 min
Cleaning and disinfection unit
with subsequent manual lubrication
approx. 45 min
approx. 1 h 10 min
Semi-automatic cleaning and care unit with subsequent sterilization approx. 60 min
approx. 1 h 35 min
Sterilization programs

Selection options:

Cycle times may vary depending on the working environment in which the autoclave is operated.

Enormous cost reductions with DAC UNIVERSAL

For each instrument, the consumption costs of DAC UNIVERSAL are two to three times lower than with comparable automated decontamination methods. In contrast to manual conditioning methods, the consumption costs are even four to five times lower. This is why DAC UNIVERSAL is the most cost-effective option  for the safe decontamination of your instruments.

Ask your dealer for a comparison for your practice.

DAC UNIVERSAL. Economic benefits.


Protection and preservation of your instruments

Proper care of your rotating instruments helps extend their service lives. The DAC Universal lubrication system has been tested and approved by leading international manufacturers of straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines.



Equipped with:
  • Instrument holder, incl. 6 adapters of your choice
  • 1 dose of maintenance concentrate
  • Installation kit with waste water tank,
  • compressed air connection and air filter

REF: 62 58 342

Adapter for straight and contra-angle handpieces

Sirona-TE-/Classic-Adapter 60 51 705
INTRAmatic® adapter 60 51 648
KaVo/BienAir head adapter 60 51 663
Midwest-Adapter for Rhino/Shorty 60 51 903

Technical data

Installation prerequisites  
Voltage 90–120V AC / 190-240V AC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1,1 kW
Compressed air connection Input pressure Input pressure: 5.0–8.0 bar; max. Short-term air consumption: approx. 60 L/min at 5 bar
Oil tank capacity 0,2 l
Water tank capacity 2.0 l
Water consumption Approx. 600 ml per cycle
Water quality < 3 µS
Height open/Height closed x Width x Depth 53/35 cm x 38cm x 37cm
Equipment: unwrapped/wrapped/solid 6/3/5 instruments
Weight 23 kg
Minimum distance from wall/ceiling 10 cm/70 cm
RS 232 connections Printer, documentation software, USB adapter, memory sticks, memory cards, etc.
Printout Selected sterilization program, date, time, batch number, vacuum, pressure, temperature, serial number, deviation, etc.