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CAD/CAM Materials.

CAD/CAM Materials


CAD/CAM Materials. Top quality geared to high demands.

All-ceramic restorations fabricated on Sirona’s CAD/CAM systems have proved themselves millions of times in clinical practice. To fulfill
the highest standards in terms of quality and machinability we are continuously developing high-performance materials and accessories
which are tailored to our design software and our CEREC/inLab milling units.





Sirona Best Quality Label

The Sirona Best Quality Label guarantees optimum results – in the interests of your patients/customers, your professional reputation and your business performance. Every inCoris package contains Best Quality Label stickers that can be used to label the high quality of the premium products used by the dental technician. A seal of quality for patient and dentist.






CEREC Blocs C In

The blocks consist of an inner core of highly chromatic dentin covered by a translucent layer of enamel. The dentin cores are modeled after the shape of dentin in natural teeth. The outer shape of the tooth is determined by the biogeneric data in the software. An algorithm integrated in the software aids for the right positioning of the restoration in the block, so that the exact tooth color selected by the user is achieved and an aesthetically pleasing is possible.


Feldspar ceramics for aesthetic chairside/labside restorations

The CEREC Blocs and CEREC Blocs PC consist of a finely structured feldspar ceramic material which is biocompatible and resembles natural tooth enamel with regard to shading, strength and abrasion resistance.



Thanks to the outstandingly fine structures and the sophisticated manufacturing process, restorations made of these materials can be placed immediately after milling and polishing.








Enamel-like properties – for inlays, onlays, veneers and anatomically sized crowns

The CEREC Blocs ensure very good shade matching with the residual dentition and achieve a survival rate of 90% after 10 years.


The benefits in brief:
  • Enamel-like abrasion properties
  • Pronounced translucency and chameleon effect
  • Very good polishing characteristics
  • Available in an extensive range of shades

Custom abutments

Among patients and dentists there is growing demand for aesthetically perfect implants.

TiBase and inCoris ZI meso can be used to make individual highly esthetic hybrid abutments with a crown of your choice. This means the steps can be adjusted to the contour of the gingiva and gray metal margins are a thing of the past even with gingival recession.