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Implanteo® LED motor for implantology and surgery






Simple and powerful, the new Implanteo® LED motor is a necessary partner for all your surgical procedures.

The large, color, touch-screen display is simple to navigate and will make everyday procedures more comfortable.
During the surgery, the critical data (speed, torque in N-cm), is constantly displayed in real-time and can be saved on a USB key and tracked in the patient records.
It is a powerful and practical motor that conforms to the highest maintenance and sterilization standards.

The LED technology provides optimal light for visibility that any dental practitioner will appreciate.









Main assets of the new implantology and surgery motor Implanteo® LED :


LED Technology lighting :

  • Optimum visibility: Natural light quality equivalent (5,500°K).
  • Illumination field wider than classical lighting.
  • Resistance and durability of the LED component.
  • Adjustable power-up to 31,000 LUX.
Large, color, touch-screen allowing for easy viewing of critical data :

  • Intuitive navigation system with descriptive icons.
  • High visibility thanks to the 5.7 inch screen.
  • High number of useful applications for easy navigation!
Intelligence :

  • Live readout of important data (torque in N-cm, speed).
  • Real-time graphics display of critical data.
  • Patient record tracking: data saving on USB memory key.
  • 10 easily configurable programs and up to 10 sequences per program.
Power and precision :

  • High torque output.
  • Greater speed control.
  • Contra-Angle Calibration - the precision of the motor is adapted to the contra-angle used.



Implanteo® LED brochure :


Implanteo Led® brochure


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