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Mont BlancĀ® surgery contra-angles and handpieces


Partners for your surgical procedures !

The Mont-Blanc® surgical 1:3 contra-angle and the surgical 1:1 straight handpiece have been specially designed for surgical
procedures : they comply with the demanding requirements of the dental surgery environment that necessitates power,
flexibility,reliability and perfect hygiene.

Incorporating the latest technological advancements and Anthogyr’s manufacturing expertise, these instruments offer uniquely
high quality components and exceptional reliability, in an attractive and ergonomic design.

The quality and unrivalled design of the Mont Blanc® handpieces will yield greater efficiency in your practice and will be a trusted
partner during surgery.

Main assets of the Mont-Blanc® surgical 1:3 contra-angle and the surgical handpiece :

  • Maximum safety
  • LED technology
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • I-coat® surface treatment
  • Reliability and power
  • Can be dismantled for easy maintenance!
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Mont Blanc® contra-angles for surgery 1:3 :

  • 12200X : without light
  • 12200XL : with light (contra-angles with light only work on a motor with light or LED)
  • 12200XLED : with LED (contra-angles with LED only work on a motor with LED : Implanteo®LED)




  • Mont Blanc® handpieces for surgery 1:1 :
  • 12400X : without light
  • 12400XLED : with LED (contra-angles with LED only work on a motor with LED : Implanteo®LED)










Maximum safety
The Mont Blanc® surgical contra-angle and handpiece were specifically designed for use with your surgery and
implantology motor :

Effective and precision external irrigation: spray can be adjusted in accordance with the length of the drill.
No air is projected from the instrument, thereby avoiding the risk of necrosis, bacterial transmission,
   subcutaneous emphysema.
Instruments can be disassembled for an efficient cleaning !

LED technology

- «Day light» quality lighting 
provides optimal visibility with exceptionally true color.
- Larger volume of lighting for more comfortable working space.
- Power 31 000 Lux.
- Unrivalled LED durability.

Optimum ergonomics
The profiled design of the Mont Blanc® range provides ideal working comfort and avoids hand contraction
resulting in a feeling of hand fatigue.


I-coat® surface treatment

Thanks to its uniform surface limiting bacterial retention zones, the I-coat® surface treatment optimises
the durability of surfaces

It provides an ideal grip with a very comfortable feel in the hand, even during long procedures
in a moist environment.
Reliability and power 

- No vibrating feedback even during difficult use provides accurate and pleasant work!
Robust stainless steel components contribute to the durability and longevity of these instruments.
Can be dismantled for easy maintenance!

The instruments can be easily and quickly dismantled without tooling.
Designed for effective decontamination and deep cleaning : solution for ever increasing rigorous sterility standards,
especially in a hospital environment!






Mont Blanc® range brochure :



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