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Simulation concepts Unit


Customized simulation concepts. Outstanding expertise in the area of patient
simulation. In-depth experience with practical realization

Sirona develops and manufactures simulation workstations in accordance with customer requirements.

We offer users based at universities and dental training institutions the opportunity to participate in the development process in keeping with the principle
of “Open Innovation”.On the basis of our global experience we take account of individual factors such as the available floor space, functional
features, digital networking (also with existing systems) and budget resources.

  • Customized simulation concepts
  • Flexible equipment options
  • State-of-the-art learning

Take a closer look at our design concepts

Sirona relies exclusively on tried-and-tested components that are renowned for their first-class design and quality.
Thanks to our extensive know-how, you can count on getting the perfect solution.

Simulation units


The passport to effective student training: Ideal as an entry-level solution or as an extension to existing systems. Thanks to Sirona, you have greater freedom of choice – for example, different delivery concepts, handpieces, operating lights, suction options and multimedia systems.

Simulation units


The perfect all-rounder: Enhanced convenience when instructing your students. Significant ergonomic benefits such as the electrically powered height adjustment of the patient simulators.

Simulation units


The optimum solution for small rooms: Compact, space-saving design. For example, the dentist’s element and patient simulator can be easily positioned under the tabletop.

Simulation units


Smooth transition to real-life treatment: Premium package featuring programmable user profiles and innovative applications.
Electrically powered height and tilt adjustment of the simulator torso.




Setting new standards in practical implementation

Sirona offers you the highest degree of flexibility and adaptability. On the basis of examples we would like to demonstrate our broad spectrum of solutions. We ensure that existing fittings and equipment can be integrated into the new concept.

You can choose either a traditionally designed OTP dentist’s element (“Turn” option) with hanging hoses or a continental-style dentist’s element with whip arms.

Simulation units

Equipment options

  • Various patient simulators
  • Dentist’s element (traditional or continental-style) as in the C8+ treatment center
  • Choice of operating lights (LEDview, SIROLUX E or F
  • Laboratory light
  • Same array of handpieces as in the C8+ package
  • Air jet pump
  • Dry suction with separation
  • Amalgam separator
  • Disinfection system with manual or automatic hose purging
  • Assistant’s element with a rack for three or four handpieces
  • Microscope
  • Multimedia
  • Cabinetry components

Geared to your ergonomic needs

Effective training entails the accurate  replication  ombining  a  simulation unit with  a   dental 

  • Left-hander version
    The simulation workstations can be converted from a right-hander version to a left-hander version in just a few seconds, without the need for any tools.

  • Correct patient positioning
    Manual or electrically powered adjustment of the simulator heads and torsos.

  • Everything at your fingertips
    Positioning of the dentist’s and/or assistant’s element in parallel with the patient simulator.


of real-life working conditions – for example, by
treatment center.