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OTP-030-HC : Light Wire Forming Plier With Arch Former and Cutter (No Grooves)

Having the same configuration of #030-H with an added cutter at the rear of the plier. Cleverly designed, this instrument allows the operator to cut, contour and form wires up to .020 with one plier. The diamond-honed anvil cutter towards the rear of the plier is capable of cutting wire up to .025 diameter.


OTP-034-HC : Bird Beak/Former/Cutter

Having the same configuration of the #034-H except we have added a diamond-honed anvil cutter at the rear of the instrument. It can be used for forming and cutting round and rectangular wires up to .036 diameter.


OTP-034-S : Adams Plier (Square Beaks .045")

Stubbiness of beaks and rigid tool steel inserts with both beaks being squae at the tip and parallel at 1mm. opening assures the ease of bending and forming heavy wire up to .060". Tool steel beak affords firm, non-slip grip.


OTP-036 : Bird Beak Plier With Serrations

With the added feature of a fully serrated square beak and closing groove, ORTHOPLI'S #036 Bird Beak plier affords a firm non-slip grip on any wire up to .036". All stainless steel with tool steel inserts. Guaranteed not to splay at the tips.


OTP-043 : Tweed Loop and Helix Forming Plier

All tool steel inserts. Front cylinder .045" diameter, middle cylinder .060" diameter, and the rear cylinder .075&" diameter. with the feature of the lower concave beak and the precision ground cylindrical sections. Added feature of utility groove in the rear portion of beaks, permits closing of loops - for use in rectangular wire up to .025" with one instrument. Lower flat beak is finely serrated for firmer grip.


OTP-050 : Auxillary Spring Forming Plier

The unique design of this plier is for forming Brousard® auxiliary spring components on .012", .014" or .016" round wire, with minimum operator time and effort. The #050 auxiliary spring bending plier fabricates auxiliary spring components used in the Brousard® “two-force technique” with accuracy and uniformity. Full tool steel inserts.


OTP-051 : Inter Maxillary Hook Forming Plier

Inter maxillary hook forming plier bends, hooks and helixes. Both full tool steel inserts are precision-grooved, assuring operator of accurate repeatability of the same size with minimum effort and insuring longer service. Instructions included.


OTP-052 : Jarabak Plier

Handcrafted for the precise bending of light wires. Three precision grooves insure uniform and accurate bending and closing of loops. Full tool steel inserts on both beaks are guaranteed not to splay, with the addition of fine serrations on the square beak affords an unusually firm grip.


OTP-065 : Hawley Retainer Forming Plier

Form Hawley Retainers on heavy wire with the use of one instrument automatically. Front portion of upper beak constructed similar to bird beak plier. Second portion of upper beak constructed similar to loop forming plier 3mm. dia., and the third portion of the upper beak constructed similar to an arch contouring plier.