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OTP-026 : Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter

The newest concept in distal end cutters designed to cut hard round wire, rectangular wire, annealed wire, and braided wire up to .022" round and .022" x .028" rectangular. It permits the operator to cut arch wire flush to the buccal tube leaving no protrusions which will irritate the patient. At the same time, it holds the loose distal wire end, preventing wire from flying into tissue.


OTP-026-H : Shear Distal End Cutter with Safety Hold

This hardened tool steel inserted shear distal end cutter is capable of cutting round, annealed, braided wires up to .025" and rectangular wire up to .022" x .028". It allows the doctor to cut the excess arch wire coming out of the Molar buccal tube. Simultaneously, it will hold the cut piece of wire with its built-in safety holding design, preventing the wire from flying into the tissue.


OTP-026-HSL : Shear Distal End Cutter with Safety Hold (Slim Long Handle)

Uniquely designed, this Distal End Cutter has the same characteristics as the #026-H. What makes this instrument unique and extremely popular, is that it is manufactured with a slim, long handle. The feel of the instrument in the operators hand has been proven to be extremely comfortable for both assistants and doctors. Due to the design, the product has the strength to cut round and rectangular wire, measuring .025" x .028" rectangular wire.

  OTP-026-M : Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter (Medium Handle)

Orthopli Corporation has designed this medium handle length stainless steel forging (pictured above) for doctors with preference of slimmer smaller handles. Measuring 43/4" in total length. The tips are inserted with hardened tool steel inserts to ensure long life on the cutting surface. This flush cut distal end cutter has the same cutting capabilities and features as the Orthopli 026.


OTP-026-P : Flush Distal End Cutter, Non-Holding

Precision ground tool steel inserted cutting edges enables the orthodontist to cut wires flush to the buccal tube. Will cut wire up to .022 x .028" rectangular. Non holding.