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OTP-012 : Mathieu Ligating Plier (Carbide Inserted Tips)

Mathieu-style needle holder with serrated tungsten carbide inserts, used for twisting and ligature tying. Radius portion at plier joint allows rotating of plier in one easy motion. Ratchet locking action allows a firm, positive grip.


OTP-012-PSB : Mathieu Ligating Plier (Boyton New Handle)

OTP-012-CB : Mathieu Ligating Plier (Inserted Boyton New Handle)

Measuring approximately 5" in total length, this Mathieu is constructed with a double spring for the opening and closing operation.   We incorporated an interlock at the base, which will eliminate the latch from getting caught up in gloves.   The 012-PSB is all stainless steel with cross serrated beaks and the 012-CD is inserted with cross serrated carbide beaks.


OTP-012-PTD : Mathieu Ligating Plier Double Spring (Thin Tips)

OTP-012-CD : Mathieu Ligating Plier Double Spring (Carbide Tips)

Orthopli Corporation's double spring mathieus are manufactured with an all stainless steel forging.   The double spring operation allows the mathieu to open and close with no friction on the inside of the handle.   The beaks on the 012-PD and 012-PTD are non-inserted and manufactured of stainless steel with cross serrations on the beaks to ensure a positive grip.   The 012-CD has carbide serrated tips.


OTP-012-P : Mathieu Ligating Plier (Non-Inserted)

Similar in configuration to Orthopli's #012 with the exception of having precision machine finely serrated narrow beaks for ease in ligature typing and the placing of elastics.


OTP-012-PB : Mathieu Ligating Plier (Boynton Tip)

This is Orthopli's newest design Mathieu instrument, for placing both ligature wire and elastics. The tips are designed with short beaks similar to the Boynton tip. The tips are also cross-serrated, ensuring a positive grip. Manufactured on what we consider one of our softest touch Mathieus available, creating ease and comfort during operation, by the assistant, staff and doctor.


OTP-012-PT : Mathieu Ligating Thin Plier (Non-Inserted)

Constructed of all stainless steel and cross-serrated beaks and designed for the placement of elastics and ligatures. The tips are thinned down giving good visibility during elastic placement. (Approximately 50% thinner than our stock Orthopli #012-P at the tip).


OTP-018-A : Elastic Separating Plier

Newely designed angulated beaks for the ease and accuracy and positive holding of elastics when positioning such. Grooved annulated tips assure accessibility to all areas. Angulated beaks eliminate damage to tissue in the event of slippage while positioning elastic separators.


OTP-018-MR : Mathieu Elastics Inserting Plier (Grooved Tip)

The same unique design of Orthopli Corporation's #018-R has been incorporated to a finely precisioned made Mathieu Needle Holder with grooved tip guaranteeing the ease and surenessof placing elastics with a non-slip-grip.