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OTP-037 : Young Plier

Orthopli has made a good plier better by using fully tool steel inserts on the beak. This plier will outlast any Young plier on the market today. All stainless steel box joint construction. Tool steel beaks afford a non-slip grip. Guaranteed not to splay at the tips.


OTP-045-SW : Z Bend Root Tip Plier (Straight, Wide)

Designed to put a Z Bend Root Tip Back Bend (with one easy squeeze) in the Archwire without removing the Archwire. Comes in straignt, Double Sided, Narrow and Wide)


OTP-048 : Niti Cinch Back Plier (Double Sided)

Cinch Nickel Titanium and Stainless Steel wire up to .020 without annealing the wire. Double sided angled tip will allow the operator to cinch back the Niti or SS archwire in the mouth. Will cinch Niti or SS archwire up or down .75mm from the buccal tube. The offset shearing method during operation will form a tight and defined angle in the archwire.


OTP-049 : Loop Tie Back Plier

Designed to automatically form tie back loops (Omega) on any wire up to .022. This multipurpose four step plier can automatically form vertical loops and tie back loops (Omega) 2mm., 3mm., 4mm., 5mm. and also can be used to take up arch wire by using the first step to form a 2mm. stop.


OTP-054 : Loop Forming and Closing Plier (NANCE)

Basically designed for the forming of loops on edge-wise wires. Four precision ground steps in the inserted tool steel beak allows uniform consistency of bending any size loop. Hardened inserted tool steel tips provide long wear and great rigidity when working with edge-wise wire. Utility groove in rear portion of beak is designed for the closing of formed loops.


OTP-058 : Stop Plier (V Bend Plier)

Designed with tool steel insert for longer life. Used to shorten arch wire and provides an accurate 1mm stop on the arch wire.


OTP-058-H : Crimpable Hook Placing Plier

Specifically designed for placement of the crimpable archwire ball hooks and power hooks. The tips are tool steel inserted. Machined to fit all popular brand crimpable hooks. The instrument secures the hook for positioning and placement then by slightly squeezing the plier it puts a dimple at the base of the hook to secure it to the archwire.


OTP-069 : Bayonet Bending Plier, Automatic Double Sided

OTP-0691/2 : Bayonet Bending Plier (offset) 1/2" mm

OTP-069 1 : Bayonet Bending Plier (offset) 1mm

Precision ground double sided offset inserts permit the automatic installing of bayonet bands both right and left hand step up and step down with one instrument. Can be purchased 1/2mm., 3/4mm., and 1mm. steps. Can be used both in and out of the mouth, saving valuable time and motion.


OTP-098-AST : Split Stop Placing Instrument

Manufactured with a stainless steel forging and a hardened tool steel inserted tip.   This instrument has been proven to be an excellent item for placing split stops.   The tip of the plier is angulated to allow easy access both anterior and posterior when placing the split stops.   We have machined a groove at the tip that will eliminate slippage and securely grasp the split stop.