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OTP-060 : Arch Torquing and Bending Plier

Hardened tool still inserts with radiuses on edges will not mar wire and insures longer wear. Beak widths of .060", insures positive, non-slip, parallel holding action on rectangular wire, up to .025" x .028".


OTP-060-A : Arch Torquing and Bending Plier (15° Angle)

Beaks are flush with the side of the plier joint coming off a 15° angle, which allows the Orthodontist to use a pair, side, for accurate torquing. Having the same features of Orthopli's #060.


OTP-066 : Anterior Torquing Plier Set

Uniquely designed tool steel inserted plier set enables the orthodontist or assistant to accurately apply torque in a specific section of an arch wire without distortion in the remainder of the wire. Can be used on any size arch wire. The double holding beaks eliminates torque from extending beyond their contact point. Labial torque or lingual torque can be placed adjacent to each with ease. Another time saver by Orthopli Corporation. No need for torquing keys.