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OTP-021 : Heavy Side Cutter Vanadium Chrome (Not Inserted)

Vanadium Chrome Side Cutter for hard Stainless Steel wire up to .036" diameter. It can be used for cutting both in or out of the mouth. To be used in lab only.


OTP-028 : Diagonal Hard Wire Cutter

Precision made and uniquely designed, compound action cutter to cut all types and sizes of orthodontic wire. Excellent for lab use. The compound action of this plier affords ease and little pressure in cutting heavy wire. Ideally used in the cutting of head gear.


OTP-034-HC : Bird Beak Bending Plier with Arch Former and Cutter

This three in one plier combination is extremely beneficial for it will eliminate an excess of

surplus instruments and save the operator time. Having the same configuration of the #034-H except we have added a diamond-honed anvil cutter at the rear of the instrument. It can beused for forming and cutting round and rectangular wires up to .036 diameter.


OTP-034-S : Adams Plier (Square Beaks .045")

These Adams Pliers are both tool steel inserted and open parallel at the beaks when open at 1mm. The #034-S bends wire up to .045" and the #034-SL bends wire up to .070"


OTP-036 : Bird Beak Plier With Serrations

With the added feature of a fully serrated square beak and closing groove, ORTHOPLI'S #036 Bird Beak plier affords a firm non-slip grip on any wire up to .036". It is ideally useful in the bending of Adams clasps and Hawley Retainers. Round beak is perfectly round with a tip dimension of .036". All stainless steel with tool steel inserts. Tool steel beak affords firm, non-slip grip.


OTP-064 : Three Prong Adjusting Plier

All stainless steel box joint instrument, mainly used in the closing and adjusting of clasps. Stubbiness of beaks guarantees longer wear and ease of operation.


OTP-065 : Hawley Retainer Forming Plier

Unique beak configuration enables the operator to construct Hawley Retainers on heavy wire with the use of one instrument automatically. Front portion of upper beak constructed similar to bird beak plier. Second portion of upper beak constructed similar to loop forming plier 3mm. dia. and the third portion of the upper beak constructed similar to an arch contouring plier. Both beaks fully tool steel inserted to assure firm grip.


OTP-068 : Face Bow Plier

With the use of this one instrument, the orthodontist or technician can install the bayonet bend or loop on the inner bow automatically with one movement of the plier. Using the tip portion of the plier, it opens, closes and forms the outer bow loop with the utmost of ease, having a cutter which is capable of cutting the inner and outer bow with minimum effort - a must for any orthodontist doing head gear or face bow adjustments. Instructions included.