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XIOSPLUS. Intraoral sensors offering outstanding handling and image quality.

XIOSPLUS sensors make your diagnoses easier due to the particular detail sharpness of the x-ray images in the excellent quality that Sirona is known for.
Choose between the convenient wall module or the Plug&Play USB module that allows you to use the system wherever you need in your practice.


Maximum Flexibility – Easy Operation

  • Easy and flexible
  • Excellent image quality




Images with XIOSPLUS intraoral sensors stand out due to their excellent quality. With their particular attention to detail,
they facilitate diagnosis and make the system ideal for various indications.

Caries diagnosis

Caries diagnosis

Generalized vertical and horizontal bone defects; calculus on tooth 24 distal; protruding fillings on teeth 25 and 27, extensive proximal caries on tooth 36 mesial.



distal 40/21 mm
mesio-lingual 35/21 mm
mesio-buccal 30/21 mm



Status post-OP, correct implant position



Technial specifications of the XIOSPLUS system

Good to know. You can find all the important data and facts about the XIOSPLUS here.

Sensor 1:  Active surface 20 × 30 mm
Sensor 1: External dimensions 24,8 × 38,5 mm
Sensor 2:  Active surface 25,6 × 36 mm
Sensor 2: External dimensions 31,3 × 44,5 mm
Pixel size 15 µm
Sensor cable length 3 m
USB module  
Dimensions of USB module 132 × 80 × 37 mm (H × B × T)
Weight of USB module 104 g
USB port of USB module Version 2.0 oder 1.0
Wall module  
Dimensions of wall module 23 × 21 × 6,3 cm (H × B × T)
Weight of wall module 1,2 kg
Line voltage 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Line voltage deviation ± 10 %
System comparison PSP film scanner

System comparison of intraoral sensors vs. storage plate systems: Good reasons to decide on a fully digital intraoral sensor system from Sirona.

  Sirona intraoral sensors Storage plate
Service life and image quality Unlimited use with consistent vivid image quality. Storage plates scratch easily and image quality is significantly impaired after just 50 uses.
Workflow Easy and fast – X-ray image is available on the PC just a few seconds after activating the image. Lengthy and inconvenient use, after activating the image, the storage plate first needs to be read by the scanner before it is up on the screen for diagnosis. The scanner cannot be used for new images during this process.
Diagnostics Images give a realistic overview of the jaw situation – the perfect foundation for a proper diagnosis. Storage plates can be easily bent. The images can show a distorted anatomy, which negatively impacts the diagnosis and treatment.
Hygiene The sensors are always used with a hygienic one-time protective sleeve with openings outside of the patient's mouth. The opening of the protective sleeve for the storage plates is put in the patient's mouth, which often impedes proper closing.
Costs One-time investment. Continuous costs due to replacement of storage plates.

wall module with network connection

Whether USB or network – you can customize the system to YOUR practice.

The wall module with its network connection and multicolored display is an elegant look for the practice network. The USB alternative is a flexible and portable solution.

Immediate access to the practice network

The wall module can be operated from every PC in the practice network. Data storage is carried out centrally on the server
so that it can be accessed at a later date from any PC.

Complete flexibility with the USB module

The Plug & Play USB sensor system can be used on several PCs without a lengthy installation process.
It can be installed and operated with USB 2.0 connections, as well as via the USB interfaces of the TENEO and SINIUS treatment centers.

Reliability in the daily routine

The display of the wall module shows different patient information to prevent mix-ups. The background colors of the display let you see the status of the unit at a glance. Automatic sensor recognition displays whether a sensor is connected and ready for use.



Intuitive working – Flexible integration

The SIRONA positioning system allows you to create the image you want easily and quickly.

Network connection with wall module

USB connection with the USB module


Instructions for use