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T2 TURBINES. Quality you can rely on.

You can realy on our Comfort Class turbines for any situation. This is ensured by the continuous high performance, the ergonomic shape together with the titanium-coated exterior sleeve, as well as the robust workmanship of our turbines.




T2 TURBINES – Quality you can rely on.






Low noise level: T2 turbines with 4-nozzle spray


T2 Control - The power lies in the consistency  


Less is more. The patented Control function ensures one-of-a-kind torque and continuous powerful preparation. With constant high torque at a speed of 250,000 rpm, Dentsply Sirona shows that the power of a turbine in no way depends on pure rotation speed. You can drill quickly – without stopping to pick up speed again – saving you valuable working time

The consistent speed during preparations and thus to prevent thermal damage to the tooth. At the same time, this consistency also reduces significantly the noise level.








T2 Boost - More powerful, smaller, quieter  

The 23 watts of the Boost variant allows for working almost without interruption with even more torque, combined with a significantly lower noise and reduced head size - more power, more torque, more efficiency.













T2 mini - Do more with mini heads  

With the extra small mini head options you get optimum access to the molar region and a perfect view of the preparation site. T2 mini has an impressive head size (height: 13.9 mm, diameter: 10.2 mm) to torque ratio.











Technical data

 Type   T2 Control   T2 Boost   T2 mini
 Power (W)   Up to 22   Up to 23   Up to 20
 Head diameter (mm)                        Approx. 12.4         Approx. 11.9   Approx. 10.2
 Head height (mm)   Approx. 13.8   Approx. 13.0   Approx. 12.7
 Weight (g)   Approx. 57   Approx. 56   Approx. 55
 Equipment    Ø 1.6 FG   Ø 1.6 FG   Ø 1.6 FG
 Speed (rpm)   Approx. 250,000           Approx. 370,000           Approx. 400,000